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Mar 8, 2013 6:00am EST
for the moment on gun violence prevention. as a law enforcement professional, not just as attorney general, but one who has been a judge and prosecutor, this whole idea of better enforcement of existing laws is one we both agree ought to be the goal, and it always is for any prosecutor. and yet enforcement of some of these laws is impeded by gaps in those laws, such as the absence of akron checks on firearms, which now in able about 40% of all firearm purchases to go without any check whatsoever. you would agree with that, wouldn't you? >> yet. there are loopholes. has become to describe them, that make the enforcement of existing laws extremely difficult and render those existing laws not nearly as effective as they might otherwise be. >> and those laws now prohibit purchases of firearms by categories of people, convicted felons, fugitives, drug addicts and abusers, and domestic violence abusers. purchases on firearms and ammunition, both firearms and ammunition. right now there's no background check as to purchases of ammunition, none whatsoever. and as a matter of common sense as well a
Mar 7, 2013 6:00am EST
distress. our foreign policy is inseparable from supporting international law. we must assist the genuine, moderate and democratic forces in syria who are in dire need of help and who feel abandoned by the international community. the longer this conflict goes on, the more human suffering, persecution of minorities, radicalization and sectarian conflict there will be. despite these three compelling arguments, there will still be those who say britain should have nothing to do with syria. but we cannot look the other way while human rights are flouted, and it would be height of irresponsibility to ignore potential threat to our own security. so i want to explain to the house today the next step in increasing our support to the syrian people, and i emphasize there may well have to be further steps. we have contributed nearly 140 million pounds in humanitarian aid so far. this is funding foot, clean drinking water, medical stabs, blankets and shelter for many tens of thousands of people. we're supporting the syrian national coalition's own efforts to deliver aid inside syria, and we will see
Mar 5, 2013 6:00am EST
've got to kelly, david, we had an issue in rhode island, we were trying to pass primary seatbelt law two years ago and david came up, and worked with our leadership as again, absolute advantage to get that done. we get past that but the 11th hour, the senator was a little curveball. and it didn't sit well with us or with the david, and they put some laws on the law which expires this june. so what we're doing now is again working with nhtsa and doing everything we possibly can to get that sunset repeals and a very confident that will happen issue. so it won't be in vain, thank you. last but not least, david matsuda is national maritime administration, and was sworn in the maritime administration june of 2010, had been acting maritime administrator since being appointed by president obama in '09. there's that thing. prior to that he served as acting assistant secretary for transportation policy for march '09 until his appointment as deputy. he spent seven years on capitol hill. david, welcome. let's give our panel a welcome. [applause] >> if any you have been around the last couple of day
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)